Celluloide “Art Plastique”

“Art Plastique” rhymes with “Poème électronique”, but it is a bit more poétique. Divided into multiple tracks, from “Le Baiser Géométrique” to “L’Amour Est Clair”, the album is polished and complex, just like the world famous Philips Pavilion.

“Art Plastique”, the title track, is not exactly “In Contempt Of Common Sense”, but it does remind me a bit of that, so… typographic composition is not merely an abstraction, something to be mentioned in the lyrics. It is more than that.

Celluloide, the French band responsible for this work of art, owns a lot to the avant-garde experimentations of the past century. They are standing on the shoulders of giants to inspire us to think and dream.

To create new and unusual inventions. To help each generation see further and go farther. To bring on the future. In a past tense, since “Art Plastique” was released in 2014 and is now an artefact worth saving (currently available online).